I know, I know. Christmas lists are so cliche. But I have to tell you: without these top 5 things, I could not go about my every day.  Well, I guess I could, but man do they make my life better! So, I thought I would share the top 5 things that I depend on every day to help me stay productive and safe on the job!


1) Timberland PRO Helix HD 6” Work Boot

Boots are tough.  I have gone through dozens of makes and models and I finally landed on what I consider the most comfortable pair I’ve ever gotten my hands on.  Yes, Timberland PRO is a sponsor, but I would never feature a product that I did not truly believe in. These things are bomb proof. With a waterproof membrane and protective rubber toe I can literally step in any puddle up to my ankle or muddy job site and my feet stay warm and dry.  I also HATE when leather boots irritate my shin. I have spent $300 on boots and tossed them after this. The Helix HD has features Anti-Fatigue Technology, a super comfy padded tongue, is easy to get on and the laces are actually long enough so they never pull out of the eye rings.  Hands down the best boot I have ever put on my foot.

2. Bosch GLM 30 100’ Laser Measurer

Gone are the days of running around a house with a floppy rusty measuring tape that you happened to have in the door of your truck.  When I visit a house for the first time I am immediately crunching numbers in my head. How much hardwood is there in this mess? What's the actual footprint here because the tax card has to be wrong!  This measuring tool is my go-to for running quick numbers or helping my draftsman gather his measurements before drawing a revision. It shoots up to 100’ and is unbelievably accurate. You can also set it to auto calculate square footages to save even more time.  If you are in the business of real estate you need one of these in your glove box.

3) Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw

I can honestly say since I got this saw I have not plugged in a circular saw in at least a year on the job site.  My dad would be mortified if he knew that (haha, sorry dad!).. Seriously though, this 7 1/4” saw is probably the best tool I have bought in years.  It’s lightweight, the batteries last forever and it is absolutely strong enough to do about 90% of what you need to do on a job site. Would I sit and cut 100 rafter tails with it?  Absolutely not. But for everyday needs, finish work and work up high on a scaffold you can’t beat it. Chords are going obsolete! #gowireless

4) Timberland PRO Understory Quarter Zip Fleece

Let’s face it, hoodies are my go-to (especially since I have Oak Development and Design hoodies).  But you can’t always wear a hoodie, especially if you’ve got an important meeting to get to from the site.  If it’s cold out and I want to be comfortable, I go to my Timberland PRO Fleece. It’s warm, lightweight and I can layer over it super easy.

5) Coffee!

Yup that’s right.  Not a tool or a garment.  Coffee. Seriously. I don’t know many guys in our trade that don't drink it.  If they don't I commend them but there is no way I could do it. I tried! I will say America Runs on Dunks but I actually prefer my local coffee shop.  It’s part of my day daily routine on my way to dropping our son Jack off to daycare. In fact I am sitting in my local cafe at this very moment while I write this post!  So if you want to make your partner happy, have santa bring them a gift card for their caffeine fix…